Monday, November 26, 2007


I just loved the





palmtrees! We had so much fun going to California for Thanksgiving this year. We enjoyed the nice weather, being able to go to the Los Angeles Temple and doing a session while Davids parents watched Jackson. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

We also got to eat some Korean food in Korea town, which wasn't very far from the temple with Davids parents. We all loved it. Mmmm..... kimchi!

We also got to see Uncle Marc and Aunt Cindy and their kids. Grant is such a cute kid. Always so full of energy. We had such a blast playing kickball and football one day with them at the park. They were all such great athletes.

Jacob was always so good with his baby sister Cambrie. It's so fun to finally have one neice on that side. Hopefully there will be more granddaughters.

Downtown Indianapolis

Before we left Indianapolis to fly to California we had some time to spend in the downtown of Indi, so they call it. It's a pretty big city. It's nice because it'll be only 45 minutes away from where we will live.

Here are some pictures we took around the city.

Jackson got pretty scared of these mammoths even though they really weren't real. He's so funny sometimes.

I love this picture of Jackson on a saddle. He was all smiles with his BYU beenie on. We walked around the Indiana State Museum which was humongous. We weren't able to go inside, maybe next time.

This is Davids work Cummins that he'll be working at starting February. Its not the prettiest building to look at, actually it looks like a dungion, but it'll be a great company for him and our family.

We got to rent this really nice car while we were out there looking for a house.

We spent many hours in the airport flying to Indiana and California. Jackson did really good for flying about five hours to Indiana then four hours to California and then a few hours back to Utah. He started to feel at home in the airport. He loved to run around the airport while we had many hours of layovers in Pheonix, Arizona.

This is a picture of David and Jackson right before they got on the plane.

Jackson was still smiling although the long hours we just spent on the plane.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sorry these pictures are so late. It's been a crazy and busy few months. We had so much fun throwing the Halloween Party for my family this year at our house though. What a good looking bunch. Everyone looked great! As you can tell, Kyle and his date Kaitlyn came as a farmer and a cow which was a way cute idea, loved the udder and the overalls.
Tyler and Kristi dressed up as a couple from the disco years and little Alexa was a cute little cat. We loved the hair you guys!!!

Alisha and Ronnie dressed up as indifferents and little Nathan was a cute little froggie. They're always so creative with anything you can find. Such a fun idea.

Grandma and Grandpa Shelley and Ashley were the 3 blind mice. Mom, you are always so creative. I couldn't have ever thought of such an adorable idea.

We then had a few games during the Halloween Party. We had a mummy contest of who could get a whole role of toilet paper roled around one person the fastest. We also played Halloween Bingo. It seemed like they got pretty wound up.

It was so much fun winding Kaitlyn, Garrett and Ronnie up in toilet paper. It got pretty messy. Ronnie, Alisha, Tyler, and Kristi won the mummy contest. Then Kaitlyn won the game of Bingo.


We were so glad that our little Garrett was able to be at the Halloween party. He just left to go on his mission to the Dallas, Texas mission just last Monday. We love you Garrett! Good luck, you'll be an awesome missionary out there.

For Halloween this year we dressed up as Lois Lane, Clark Kent (superman in disguise) and little superman.

We went trick or treating this year with Jackson. It was a little cold so we didn't get to go to many houses, but it was plenty for him, and of course a few for us.

Jackson loves to look for airplanes flying in the sky. Here he saw one even at night...or maybe he saw Superman...

We had so much fun carving these pumpkins. Lets see if you can all guess who carved which one.

Friday, November 16, 2007


We have been in Columbus, Indiana for the last few days looking for a house. We looked at probably more than 30 houses, and this is the one we liked the most...

Here are a few pictures of the inside that were on the realtor's website. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a living room with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace, and seperate family room.

We decided to make an offer on the house this morning, and just this afternoon, they accepted it!! We are so excited to be moving and getting such a great house!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jackson in the Fall

Jackson and I went up Provo canyon the other day to take some pictures for fun. I thought they turned out alright. He's growing up so fast. It's so pretty up the canyon right now with the leafs on the ground and everything changing colors. We had a lot a fun taking all different type of pictures.

Jackson just loved to play on this bridge. He just loved to run on the bridge and off the bridge going back and forth for quite some time. The things he does for entertainment sometimes are so funny.