Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Fun Labor Day Weekend

We had such a fun Labor day weekend up at our good friend the Lifferths property. We went up to their campsite and did all sorts of fun things. Dave swung on a rope swing into a lake, Jackson and I went on a paddle on the lake, we had wonderful food like yummy brats, smores, homemade doughnuts, sausage burritos, homemade bread and chicken parmesan that I made, chocolate pudding cake and pineapple cake both made in a dutch oven, potato salad, potato casseroles, fresh corn on the cob, etc. You get the point, good food! Dave said he was in heaven. It was fun being up there with some of our good friends we have out here.
We had such a blast up there to enjoy the great out doors even though it is pretty humid out here in Indiana.

Jackson loved driving the tractor, of course with the help of his daddy.

We had a classic Watermelon roll down the hill. It's a tradition of the Lifferths.

The kids had so much fun playing with a little frog that we found. They would keep saying "Ribit" and "Hop, Hop!" Here's Jacksons little friend Kenzie holding the froggie, Jackson was good and touched it. He gets it from his mommie.

A whip cream got started by one of the kids and it just got all over the place.

The kids started a whip cream eating contest and so Jackson and Kenzie wanted to get involved to of course. They ended up not going at it and at the end all they said they wanted was a spoon, so polite.

Jackson loved watching the other kids dig into their whip cream.

Jackson really liked drinking the punch out of the cooler. He ended up just helping himself to it. The younger kids just loved getting cup after cup and pushing the button on the cooler to get more and more punch. They were all happy kids though!

The kids had a lot of fun riding in the trailor that was connected to a little tractor. Jackson just loved it and kept asking to go on a ride.

All of us camping in the great outdoors.

Jackson of course loved the homemade powdered donuts we had on Saturday morning as you can see he got it all over the face.

It was so cute to watch Jackson play with all the kids there. Jackson has really broken out of his shell, and has started to play a lot more with kids and hasn't been as shy as he use to be around others, which is great.

Jackson and Kenzie

We were able to have Jacksons good little friend Kenzie come over to play the other day. He just loves to have friends over anytime and he sure loves to give them hugs!