Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whitney Amber Pendleton came!!!

Well, we had a little surprise happen yesterday while we were out shopping and getting Megans 2 year old pictures taken. While we were walking out to the car to drive a 45 minute drive back home, my water all of a sudden slowly started leaking. I was 9 days early and wasn't expecting this whatsoever. So, as you all know change of plans, we dropped off Megan and Jackson at our good friends house when we got back to town and headed straight to the hospital to check me. My water had broke and we were going to have our baby girl, baby #3. Crazy! The whole epideral, IV, and contractions didn't quite go the best, but its all good. Whitney is here and is a perfect little angel that we love already so much. Pushing was easy as ever. It only took one push and she was right out. Jackson took 2 1/2 hours of pushing, Megan took maybe 11 minutes pushing and Whitney, maybe 10 seconds. It was amazing! Anyway, we are so happy and feel so blessed to have our little sweetheart with us now. Here are a few pictures of us and her for now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Christmas this year

Some pictures by the Christmas tree and at our Wards Christmas party with Santa and a few of Jackson and Megans friends. Gotta take a few crazy pictures of the kids, as always, that shows the true kid inside.

Megan didn't like Santa this year. Maybe next year she'll do better. Jackson had a hard time too of course the past few years and he loved sitting on Santas lap this year.

For our Christmas this year we were lucky to go to California to spend it with Davids family and my parents some now that they both live there. It was so much fun having Jackson and Megan spend a lot of time with their grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. We had so much fun doing all sorts of different things together. We had so much fun mainly spending Christmas with family.

Cute girl cousins together.

Megan loved feeding the baby doll from a pretend bottle. She's going to do great with her baby sister that is coming soon. Hopefully, she just loves babys right now.

Megan and her cousin Ella look so much alike that I realized they have the same shirts so I thought I should dress them up to match each other. I can't believe how similar they look here. Here are some pictures on Christmas morning.

Doing the Nativity with Davids brother and his family. Jackson was a lamb, Megan was an angel, and David and I were Mary and Joseph (since I'm of course with child). Jackson was being tricky above holding a plate with his toes. Not too sanitary, thankgoodness he was done eating.

Jackson apparently wanted to try on some of my shoes and act like a shoe monster. This is Jackson and Megan riding on their Grandpas bike from when he was 5 years old. They loved riding it all over in their front room.

It was great being able to go see my parents, brother and sister while we were their in California. We haven't ever had it where both our parents live in the same state until now let alone less than an hour away from each other. Its great!

We had so much fun going to the San Diego Wild Park. Jackson and Megan loved the animals of course. Jackson and Megan love sticking out their tummies at each other.

We went to a place that we usually go to while we're there in California with Davids family called Johns Incredible Pizza where they have food, different themed rooms, games, rides, etc. It's a great place for families.

Just Davids luck, their was a Jazz game against the Clippers in Los Angeles. So, of course we had to go. It was fun going, LA is a busy place.

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year, thanks everyone for all the fun we had together with all of you.