Monday, June 22, 2009


What is in this bag you might ask? Well, alot of you might know, but we finally caught our mouse that we've had in our house since March. After all the hard work of 15 mouse traps, i'll remind you, we have FINALLY caught our mouse. How you might ask? All I'll say is, 4:30 in the morning, 2 hours, a tall box, some blocking off of the closet, tearing Megans room apart, bleach, 409, and 2 mouse traps. Determination has finally payed off! Dave looked back to when we bought the first mouse trap and that was way back in March. So, it's been over 3 months of this dang mouse running wild in our house. We were sick and tired of it. So, we aren't quite sure if there are anymore, but we haven't heard any ruffling of paper in the closet yet, and hopefully won't again. Yay!!!

We put the 2 mouse traps into this deep box and let it get caught on one of them. I'll save you the trauma of the mouse picture when it was dead. I just needed evidence that we've got rid of the mouse. What a great feeling to not have a mouse in the house. HOPEFULLY!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Trip to California

We had such a fun trip to California to see Davids family. We did all sorts of fun things like swim in their pool, go to a few temples, the beach, minature golfing, In and Out (of course), a few other fun places, and just chilled with the fam. It was an awesome trip. We had such a blast being there. Megan and Jackson loved being with all of the family. Thanks you guys we had a great time.

Swimming in Grandma and Grandpas backyard

Newport Beach

It was also fun being able to go and see the Newport Beach temple too while we were there.

Castle Park

Time with the Family

Incredible Johns

This place was so much fun going with all the family and eating some fun good food, like peanut butter pizza, mac n cheese pizza, and many more interesting kinds. There also was an area to go on rides, bumper cars, etc. I was sad my camera of course had to die after we ate before we made it to the games. So I don't have any picture of that right now, darn! Anyway, we went there last year and loved it so we went there again this trip. These are my two cute Supermen!

This is Megans cousin, Ella, that looks so much like her. It was so cute when they were just staring at each other. We thought they were saying, "Hey, I remember you!"

Going to the San Deigo Temple

It was so much fun going to the San Diego Temple again. It has been four years since we've been married there, and so we wanted to go there to celebrate our anniversary. We were able to go do a SPANISH session this time, which was great. Yes, we did get ear phones to listen to it in English, thankgoodness. I just love this temple so much, it's so beautiful!