Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As tradition, we of course carved our pumpkins for Halloween. This year we tried to not go as extreme as we usually do. Dave carved the Superman pumpkin, Jackson wanted a scary Jack-o-lantern for his little pumpkin, and I did Dora the Explorer, since Jackson just loves watching it. This year Jackson was a football player and Megan was a cute little ladybug. We had a fun Halloween going trick or treating and to our friends house for a Halloween party.

Jackson and his little friend Gwyen reading a book together on her couch at her families Halloween party we went to.

Jackson always has to play in the leaves whenever he sees a big pile of them. When I went visiting teaching, him and his friend Savanna had a blast playing in them. He couldn't help but notice that Megan needed to play too. Jackson never wants to leave her out of the fun.

Our Ward Halloween Party

I didn't know being a ladybug was such a common thing for a little girl. It was funny there were two other little girls that were a ladybug other than Megan. We couldn't resist taking a picture of them all together.

Daves friend came to the ward Halloween party. Dave dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and I dressed up as a deviled egg, ha..ha..! It was a lot of fun with the dinner and trunk or treating they had. The ward parties are always a lot of fun to go to, they always do a great job with them.

I felt ambitious and made a Halloween cake for the Ward Party. It was fun, but a lot of work.

Jacksons Preschool Halloween Party

It's been a lot of fun the past few months doing preschool with Jackson and a few of his friends. We will do a lesson everyday with a letter, number and theme. This past week for Halloween, I taught, we did a lot of fun Halloween crafts and treats. One of the days I had a little Halloween party for them and played a few fun games like a cake walk, but with cupcakes, and eat a donut off a string. They had fun dressing up in their costumes. Jackson has had a lot of fun with preschool, it seems already, and has done so much better going to other peoples houses to play without having a hard time when I leave. It has made me sad to see him break out of his shell, now I have to remind him to give me a kiss, a hug, and say bye. He use to cry, hold onto me, and not want me to leave. But now he does wonderful. So that's been very nice to get over.

A Day in Bloomington

Last weekend we went to Bloomington since we've never visited that way, and its not that far away from us. It was a lot of fun. We drove the long way to get there and saw all the pretty leafs that have turned colors also. We spent the day there going to a way good Thai restaurant that Daves friend from work recommended and then went to this childrens museum that wasn't too bad. Jackson and Megan had fun going there, especially after the drive there. It was a smaller kids museum, but it still had a lot of fun things to do there. The dinosaur you see up above would tell you how tall you are if you stand under it. Jackson was kinda scared of it though.

This was a cool towere that the kids could climb up through. Jackson never likes to do these kind of things though for some reason. Same with the play area at McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese. Oh well! I was tempted to climb up it, it looked so fun.

Can you see the lizard? It's kind of hiding.

Megan loved being in this mirror little tunnel where there were mirrors all around her. She's such a girl! Loves to look at herself in the mirror.

Jackson loved playing in this water area. We could have left him there to play for hours. Well worth the money going here, babysitter included, nice! =)

My sweet blue eyed girl!

This was a cool area where water bubbles would form on your hands. Dave tried joining them together. It felt funky!