Monday, March 24, 2008


Jackson was able to find his Easter basket that dad hid in his tent that is in his room. He did much better than me finding my Easter basket, Dave hid it pretty good. Oh boy did Jackson enjoy finding his basket along with all the candy inside. I think he had about half of all the chocolate in his mouth within the first 10 min. after finding his basket. We had a fun Easter this year. We really missed spending it with the family, but we were able to still carry on the family traditions of hiding baskets, going to an easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, and we had fun going to some friends of ours for Easter dinner.

This is the Easter egg hunt we went to that was for the First Assembly of God church. It was really fun. There were tons of people there. They had a puppet show, food, and prizes you could win. There were lots of eggs. This picture on the right is of the area the 3 and under were to go for eggs. It didn't work very well being it so narrow, people weren't able to get through very well, but its all for fun and we had lots of fun going to it.

We had a lot of fun coloring eggs with Jackson as you can see. He liked putting the sport stickers on his eggs.

Jackson was so excited to get an Easter package from his Grandma Shelley. Especially the fruit snacks as you can see on the left. Thanks Grandma Shelley!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jackson Got Something!

It was totally crazy, I think it was Sunday, but Jackson all of a sudden woke up with a rash on his neck. We didn't really think much of it. Then later in the day we noticed it got a little worse. But then by the next day it just kept spreading. I wasn't quite sure what it was. I couldn't tell if I should take him to the doctor or just ask Davids mom since she's a nurse. We sent some pictures to her and we're pretty sure its Rosiola. Not fun at all! Jackson was very itchy and irritated. I called the nurse and asked her what I should do with it. She said to watch it and if it didn't go away within the next few days I should take him in to get checked. Anyway, it has been going away, but it spreaded all over his legs and back. Crazy stuff, but thank goodness it has gone away after it appeared. Jackson was still trying to be happy about it. So sad, our little Jackson was not looking good.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

It was fun watching BYU on our tv since we haven't been able to watch them since we moved here to Indiana. We just loved watching the BYU basketball games in Utah, but here we don't get the station that they play the games on, although this game was on the versus station that we have. Jackson got right back into being a cougar fan. He just loves the cougar. He started cheering even, doing the BYU cheer. David had a lot of fun watching the game with his boy. Its a dad and father thing, I guess. I'm not sure if it was good to watch the game though. It didn't go so well at the end of the game. It was still fun though.


Jackson loved going to chuck e' cheese. He is huge on animals right now. He just loves to say all the animal sounds, expecially saying heeeee.... for horsie. So, Jackson had so much fun riding this horse there. He really got into it.

Jackson also liked playing the skee ball game. He could have been there for hours rolling the balls up the alley. He needed a little help from us to get enough strength to roll the ball up to the holes.

While we were getting some lunch, Jackson thought he'd get out the crackers and eat a few, but apparently he wanted more than that. He dumped the whole bag of cheez-nips out. You
gotta just laugh at it and not get mad.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun Times With Jackson!

We just love our little Jackson to death. The happiness he brings to our lifes is undescribable. He of course has his very hard times, but he's such a cutie with his classic smile he always has when we ask him to smile. We are so thankful to have him.

Jackson loves to sit on his own little Shrek chair we got him. Here he is sitting with his one leg crossed over his other knee. I love it when he sits in such grown up of positions.

Jackson still loves his ELMO! Now he has another Elmo that he tickles and he laughs and shakes. He's so funny when he wants to watch Elmo he'll do a disco dance and say elmo, meaning he wants to watch Elmo. We crack up everytime he does it. We just love the small things that he does that are so unique.

Jackson and I had so much fun playing with all the different colors of balloons. He hasn't gotten his colors down yet, but we're working on it. He just loves to throw them up and down and then sit on them. Thank goodness he hasn't popped one yet from sitting on them. Would not be good

I caught Jackson in this fun little pose. He's been watching me do aerobics too much I guess.

Jackson loves to throw himself on our love sac.

I caught Jackson here in mid-air jumping. He just loves to jump now, a new discovery he's made.

Jackson loves it when his daddy plays with him. David would blow up a balloon and would put it on this helicopter twirler thing and it made a very loud siren sound while it twirled in the air. Jackson just loved it. He started to hit the balloon and David would make dramatic reactions, which Jackson would just totally crack up .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jackson Loves Olives!

We had fun putting olives on Jacksons fingers and Jackson had fun with it too as you see. He just loves to eat them plain.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Going to Josephs Baptism & Pinewood Derby

We had so much fun the other weekend going up to Davids sisters house for their Pinewood Derby and our nephew Josephs baptism. It was great to hang out with them and to see Joseph get baptised.

Our nephews at the baptism. Daniel, Joseph, and Benjamin. They sure looked sharp. Joseph did so good being ready for his baptism.

They also had a dinner at the Pinewood Derby which was wonderful. Jackson sure liked the cookies afterward. He really likes to do things by himself as you can tell. He wanted to take his own cookies. He put four cookies on his own plate and carried them back to his chair and ate just a few of them. He just cracks up sometimes with the things he does.

It was so much fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton come to visit. They were able to be at the baptism and the pinewood derby too. David was showing Jackson how the cars fly down the track.

The boys did great in the pinewood derby. Joseph won 1st in best design and Daniel won 3rd. They all won fun awards. They had so much fun racing all the cars. I remember having so much fun doing it with my brothers. Its always so much fun. David never had a pinewood derby, but maybe now that he just got called into the Weblows in our ward, he can do one. Yeah, David just got called to be an assistant for the Weblows and he got a calling to the Primary with the Valiant class. Fun, fun! After church Jackson was very tired. He got a sucker from the bishop up at their ward in Lexington, Kentucky and he fell asleep in the car holding it. What a cutie!