Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Growing up!

Jackson is getting better at building up blocks. He is so funny, I got the game Jenga for our family for Christmas and Jackson has turned them into building blocks. As you can see he likes to build gates and towers with them on his firetruck bed and sometimes even in the bathroom while I'm getting ready in the morning. He also likes to put on my snowboarding goggles while doing it.

It was funny, I caught Jackson the other day laying in our bed with five different animals singing the five little monkeys jumping on the bed song. I had to take a picture of it.

Jackson loves his baby sister, Megan. He is always asking to hold her or just see her. I let him hold her for a few seconds and Megan got a little nervous if you can see. Megan sure loves her big brother. It's so fun to see Jackson play and interact with Megan. Megan smiles all the time when she sees him. Jackson loves to share with Megan. He'll put trains, cars, balls, marbles(we talked about that one) on Megan. He's such a sweet boy most the time. This time he shared his book with her and Megan seemed to really like looking at it.

Megan found her fingers. She just loves to look at her fingers and shove them in her mouth now. Sometimes she almost chokes herself. I try to put the binkie in instead since someday I'll need to take that binkie away, but of course I can't ever take the fingers away.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Trip to Cincinnati

During Easter weekend we decided to go on a little trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to get away for a few days and have some fun. We had a blast going to the zoo there, the Cincinnati Reds baseball game (it got rained out though, darn! We couldn't believe it, it was the 3rd rained out game in 7 years they've had, just our luck! We'll go again another time.), the Cincinnati Museum Center with 3 different museums in it and a OMNIMAX film on Dinosaurs Alive (Jackson got a little scared, so I don't know if it was the best idea of going to the movie, but he loved the Childrens Museum as you'll see.) and we toured around Cincinnati and saw so many fun things.

I just thought this was so cute with the mommy gorilla caring the baby gorilla around. It was fun to see the animals open up some big easter eggs that they put fruit or vegetables in, to celebrate Easter. That's what these gorillas are going at below.

The BIG City!

This was us attempting to go to the Reds game which got cancelled. Jackson was pretty disapointed when we didn't get to watch the game. You know how that is parents. Once you tell your kids you're doing something they sure have their minds set on it.

We thought this huge dinosaur was so cool outside the Museum. Here are some pictures of Jackson and us playing at the Duke Energy Childrens Museum. He loved playing with the ball area, the water area, the sand boxes, the Jungle gym area, everything! It was so fun there.

Dave and I climbed up through the jungle area with Jackson, it was fun to feel like a kid again.

Can you see Jackson and Dave? They climbed in a tube that went under the water with turtles in it. Jackson thought that was so cool.

This was cool! Dave stood in front of this camera that would make it so you were on the t.v. playing a video game of soccer. Dave was able to try to block the soccer balls from going in the goal, as you can kind of see. It's totally crazy the things they have now.

One of the days we were there we walked around Cincinnati and saw so many fun things. We found a playground Jackson had fun playing on. They have a ton of huge bridges there that you can walk and drive over going from Ohio to Kentucky. It's a neat city to visit.

Our cute little Jackson and Megan on the slide.

Megan got tired from all the running around we did. Anyone a fan of Dora the Explorer? As you can see, Jackson is wearing a backpack and just loves to put things in it, just like Dora. Backpack, Backpack! Yeah!

This is Fountain Square. Downtown Cincinnati!

Jackson thought it was fun to chase the birds around for a little bit

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Need A Babysitter?

Yeah, so Jackson has become a mom himself. Now that I have Megan, I believe he tries to do the same stuff I do, so as you can see below he is now buckling his baby in the carseat all by himself and he loves to hold his baby alot. He also has to change her diaper with real wipes and all. He seriously cracks me up sometimes with the things he'll pick up. So, if you ever need a babysitter I've got one for ya.

I got this Infantino carrier which has been very useful here and there. Megan will calm down and fall asleep in it so that I have my hands free to help Jackson. It was also wonderful when I realized when she fell asleep I didn't have to hold her. I took off the carrier and put it on the chair to hold her still. It works great as you can tell. Whatever it takes to keep that baby asleep!