Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jackson's 5 years old!

So, its been a little while since Jacksons birthday, but our internet hasn't been up and running so I haven't been able to post pictures. But, here they are, especially for my mom. Jackson had a wonderful birthday. We surprised him in the morning by putting balloons between his door and a blanket that was help up by a huge ladder, as pictured below. So that when he opened the door the balloons all fell on him. He loved it and started laughing.

Jackson really wanted a buzz lightyear for his birthday. So, that's what he got.

Of course we had to go to Chuck E Cheese.

Later on we went to the new Kung Fu Panda movie and then went to dinner. I so didn't want to make two cakes for his birthday since I was already making one for his party. So it worked out to put candles in a donut at the restaurant.

Jacksons Kung Fu Panda cake as requested. I've really had a lot of fun making all the kids birthday cakes that they've wanted over the years.

This year for Jacksons Birthday party we had it at the Commons, pictured below, which is a huge indoor play area that just opened a month ago. Its been great to take the kids to when you just need a day out of the house and don't want to go outside where its so humid and hot. It worked out great for his party. We had cake and ice cream, Dave did games like hide n seek with all the kids, and opened presents. It was a lot of fun to see Jackson so excited and having such a fun time.

Megan was exhausted after the party. She was so tired that she fell asleep right on the floor. I was doing the dishes and I looked over and she was completely out. She has never done this.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lots of pictures!!!

I'm finally back blogging, well at least for now. We haven't had our internet working and right now I have internet. Here are a bunch of pictures of our trip to California with my family. It was awesome! We were on the beach all week. It was either playing at the swimming pool or at the beach. So much fun being with the fam!

At the airport waiting for our flight to California.

It was so gorgeous staying right on the beach. This is where we stayed. We stayed in these beautiful condos that you walk out and its all tropical right there in the middle of all the condos.

We went looking for seashells on the beach a few mornings while and after we went running on the beach.

Every morning I went running with my dad and sisters. That was awesome! We went running along the beach every morning bright and early. This is a picture of where we went running below.

A picture of my parents with all their grandchildren as of right now.

My mom and dad with their new little granddaughters, Whitney and Rilee.

Playing at the Beach

A few other fun pictures of our family