Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pulling Different Faces

Megans been pulling all different facial expressions. She smiles a lot now and loves to make cooing noises. She's already growing up so fast. I was sad to see that her newborn clothes aren't fitting anymore. They sure do grow up fast.

I loved her tongue just barely sticking out here. Also, I caught her with her eyes wide opened. It's funny to catch the funniest faces on camera when you can.

I really enjoy taking Megan and Jackson on walks or runs in this bike trailor we got that you can push with the handle and pull with a bike. It's nice to get out with the two of them often and enjoy the nice weather we've been having lately.

Jackson loves to be around Megan even though she can't do a whole lot, but every moment he can include her in what he does, he likes to. Jackson has had so much fun with this huge jumping balloon ball pit. His aunt Wendi gave it to us for Christmas and he has just had so much fun with it. He loves to throw his balls in and out (of course) of it. Gives me a workout picking them up all the time. It's all good. Megan sure loved laying in all the balls with Jackson though.