Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Costumes

So, I totally hit the after Halloween costume sale just right, and maybe got a few too many costumes, but you can't beat it when they're such a great deal. I'm stocked for quite a while, lets say. Megan isn't quite into the dressing up into different costumes yet. Jackson has had so much fun trying some of them on.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The two of us being crazy!

Jackson and Megan just love to play together and climb all over each other. They're such crazy kids and are always keeping me on my toes. Never a dull moment here!

I had to take a picture of Jackson before he left for preschool, I thought he looked so grown up that day.

As you can see, Megan got into the markers, yay! Jackson also did too, but I forgot to take a picture of him too. I thought to take a picture right before I washed Megan off. I guess you gotta laugh at the things they do sometimes and be glad it wasn't on the walls of the house. For everyones enjoyment, a front and side view of Megan with marker all over.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween and other fun!

We had a fun Halloween this year as usual. We did the pumpkin carving of course. Dave did a cool looking star as you can see and a batman sign for Jacksons. I attempted doing Mickey Mouse, but it didn't quite turn out how I wanted it, oh well. It was fun carving it! This year Jackson wanted to be a Sheriff like Sheriff Woody off Toy Story. Megan was a classic princess. They had fun dressing up for all the Halloween parties we got to go to.

Jacksons Preschool Halloween party

For Jackson preschool party I made this breaded pumpkin with spinach dip and vegetables on the side. I also made some of these fun Halloween tombstone cupcakes.

Here's our new Suburban we got just the past week. Well new to us. It's a 2003 and very nice. We needed it with our family growing in the next few months. I already love it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby #3 Inside of Me!

For anyone who doesn't know by now, yes we're expecting baby #3. We just let the word out to all of our family (with this shirt on Megan) and friends on our trip out to Utah these past few weeks. I'm as of right now 23 weeks along and am due on Feb.3. We're so excited to be expecting another GIRL! It'll be nice putting on Megans old clothes. It'll also be nice because Megans clothes should fit this girl at the time they fit Megan since Megan was born in December and this girl in February. So, that will hopefully work out nice unless this baby is a chunky one, which Megan definately wasn't and never has. She was always right on for when clothes were suppose to fit. We're very excited to have another and know it'll be alot of work, but well worth it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Trip to Utah

We had such a fun time going to Utah. It was great being able to spend time hanging out with family doing lots of different things. Here are some pictures of all we did while being there.

We hiked up to Stewart Falls, our classic family tradition, while we stayed up at my Grandparents cabin some of the time, up in Sundance, and just enjoyed hanging out together.

We also had a lot of fun going to the BYU game while we were there. Too bad they're not doing so well this year so far, but we'll still be true blue fans.

After the football game we even got to see the BYU basketball coach Dave Rose, which Dave thought was awesome of course being a huge fan and all.

I love the different faces Megan is always pulling. I also love it when I catch them on camera.

The grandkids all loved the animal masked that Grandma and Grandpa Shelley brought for them. They always love the little surprise gifts they bring for them whenever we see them. Its nice up at our cabin where noone has to stress over work or anything, just relax.

It was my moms birthday while we were up there and so we celebrated. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

We stayed at my brother and sisters houses while we were there after the cabin and did a lot of fun things like riding bikes and scooters, going to Thanksgiving Points Farm, going to Chuck E Cheese, walking to Cabella's to see all the animals, etc. Jackson and Megan had so much fun hanging out with their cousins while we were there.

It was great being able to also see Daves brothers family, Kevin and Cindy while we were there. Their four boys are so cute. They have a very busy life, but are very on top of it. They blow me away with all they do. I only think of having three for now. One at a time, as they say.

I also got to see some of my good friends from High School, who I always love to catch up on life with. I love my girlfriends! What fun memories we have.

We had such a fun trip, Thanks everyone! We Love all of you!