Thursday, August 23, 2007


Jackson was so funny, he's had a hard time adapting to my family out here since we've been gone for a little while. My dad took him to give me a break while hiking up to the falls and he pulled a lot of funny faces like this one. Funny Jackson! Never a dull moment with him.

It was so pretty up at Sundance. We were able to go up there with Kyle and take a breather with him and relax and enjoy the nature. We all love to go up there and just visit, play games and just get away from everything.

Jackson and Alexa had a blast throwing rocks into the stream. They could have gone forever. It was so hard to get Jackson to smile so we took what we could get. He really misses his daddy. We're so excited to see him when he gets back next Tuesday.


Alexa loved seeing her Uncle Kyle. She even made him a little sign that was so cute. Jackson and her have been able to have so much fun together running around and chasing each other. Ever since Jackson and I first got off the plane they started playing with each other. She's such a princess. It's been so much fun to be with the whole fam again.

We were so excited to see our little brother Kyle come home off the mission from Brazil. Jackson and I were able to come back from Columbus, Indiana to see him come back. He sure has grown up from before the mission.

Our little Nathan sure has grown up since we'd left. I can't believe how much he's changed.

This was of Kyle coming down off the escalator to see us. Everyone got so excited to see him. It was so hard to believe that he was actually home. My mom said she had to keep pinching him to make sure he was still there.

Friday, August 3, 2007


We just had to throw this picture in here from the drive. Jackson is so funny, now he loves to put this cool whip container on the top of his head randomly to make us laugh.

We had so much fun going on this trip being able to hang out with David's sister, her husband and their boys. We've been so lucky to hang out with them while we've been out here for Davids internship. They've been so good to us. Thanks guys, we love you!

We last stopped at the Susquehanna River. This place was monumental for many reasons. It was where Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized and it was where David was actually baptized too.

This was so pretty seeing the sun shine on the river before it went down.

On our way home we were able to stop at the Columbus, Ohio temple. This temple looks alot like the Louisville, Kentucky one that we've been able to go to while we've been out here in Columbus, Indiana.


New York was HUGE! We got to stay with Davids sister in their hotel that her husband got for his companys business meeting they went to. It was really cool seeing the Statue of Liberty from their bedroom window. Pretty expensive place I'd say!

We rode this boat out across the lake to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

In the background of us you can see the Statue of Liberty if you look very closely. It was fun seeing such new things on the trip. There was so much to see, but so little time.

David and I had so much fun the night we went to New York City. After Jackson fell asleep, we had Kristi, Davids sister, watch him while we went downtown New York. We realized that the city of New York really never does sleep. It was almost 2 in the morning at this time and it was as busy as ever down at Times Square.

We rode the subway down to the temple. It wasn't the normal looking temple you usually see. We actually weren't able to go in, but we found out they actually have church in this building on the first two floors and the temple is on the upper two floors. It was right down town New York though next to all the taller buildings making it look pretty small. We love to try to go to as many temples possible. We've actually been able to see 6 temples on our trip out here. It's been great.

I was just checkin' out what it looked like going down below to the subway. I at least had never been on one. It was just like the movies show it to be, that's for sure.


This was of course just one of the million pictures we took in the sacred grove. It was so neat to actually know that where we were was where God the Father and Jesus Christ actually appeared to Joseph Smith. A 14 year old boy wanted an answer and received it in this actual grove of trees. An amazing place it was!

I love Jackson so much. It's great being home with him. He had his hard times on the trip, but he also has his quiet, lovable times.

This fireplace was where Joseph Smith Jr. and others hid the plates from the mobs. They would take the bricks out and place the plates down inside. He of course had to move the plates many times to keep them safe. We learned that Joseph Smith was a very inspired man of God. He was blessed in understanding what the spirit told him to do in order to keep the plates safe. We heard a story of how Joseph really felt like he needed to move the plates from under these bricks one night. So, he moved them out to this barn out in his backyard. The next morning they woke up and found that some mobs came to get the plates at that very place they were at. He truly was an inspired man.

This is the room where Joseph Smith recieved his vision from the angel Moroni.

Jackson just loves his Daddy! David is always so good with him. He is always playing fun games with him like hide and seek and is always making him laugh.

This was us standing in front of the frame house that Alvin, Joseph Smith's older brother, built for their family.


It was fun going outside of the states for the first time into Ontario, Canada. The falls were a lot prettier on that side.

This was Niagara Falls at night. They shined huge bright lights on the falls.

We also went on this big boat called the Maid of the Mists into the falls. Yeah, we got pretty wet. Good thing we wore these cool rain jackets.