Friday, August 3, 2007


New York was HUGE! We got to stay with Davids sister in their hotel that her husband got for his companys business meeting they went to. It was really cool seeing the Statue of Liberty from their bedroom window. Pretty expensive place I'd say!

We rode this boat out across the lake to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

In the background of us you can see the Statue of Liberty if you look very closely. It was fun seeing such new things on the trip. There was so much to see, but so little time.

David and I had so much fun the night we went to New York City. After Jackson fell asleep, we had Kristi, Davids sister, watch him while we went downtown New York. We realized that the city of New York really never does sleep. It was almost 2 in the morning at this time and it was as busy as ever down at Times Square.

We rode the subway down to the temple. It wasn't the normal looking temple you usually see. We actually weren't able to go in, but we found out they actually have church in this building on the first two floors and the temple is on the upper two floors. It was right down town New York though next to all the taller buildings making it look pretty small. We love to try to go to as many temples possible. We've actually been able to see 6 temples on our trip out here. It's been great.

I was just checkin' out what it looked like going down below to the subway. I at least had never been on one. It was just like the movies show it to be, that's for sure.