Friday, August 3, 2007


This was of course just one of the million pictures we took in the sacred grove. It was so neat to actually know that where we were was where God the Father and Jesus Christ actually appeared to Joseph Smith. A 14 year old boy wanted an answer and received it in this actual grove of trees. An amazing place it was!

I love Jackson so much. It's great being home with him. He had his hard times on the trip, but he also has his quiet, lovable times.

This fireplace was where Joseph Smith Jr. and others hid the plates from the mobs. They would take the bricks out and place the plates down inside. He of course had to move the plates many times to keep them safe. We learned that Joseph Smith was a very inspired man of God. He was blessed in understanding what the spirit told him to do in order to keep the plates safe. We heard a story of how Joseph really felt like he needed to move the plates from under these bricks one night. So, he moved them out to this barn out in his backyard. The next morning they woke up and found that some mobs came to get the plates at that very place they were at. He truly was an inspired man.

This is the room where Joseph Smith recieved his vision from the angel Moroni.

Jackson just loves his Daddy! David is always so good with him. He is always playing fun games with him like hide and seek and is always making him laugh.

This was us standing in front of the frame house that Alvin, Joseph Smith's older brother, built for their family.