Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma Shelley Came to Visit!

It was so much fun having my mom come visit for a while. We did all sorts of fun things. We went to the Cincinnati Reds game, the Indianapolis Museum, the Not Just Popcorn store (has over 250 kinds of popcorn), went shopping, had frozen custard, played outside in the sand, sprinklers, bubbles, and much, much more. We had so much fun when she came out. Jackson and Megan had so much fun being with their grandma. Plus, it was also nice to have extra help all the time with the household chores and taking care of the kids. Thanks for coming out mom, sure love ya!

Playing Outside

I watched Jacksons friend Kenzie for a little bit with my mom and they had fun running through the sprinklers, playing Don't Eat Pete, reading books, and just playing together.

Cincinnati Reds Game

Downtown Fun

I felt bad we all got some sun on Saturday from being outside all day at our stake softball games and at the downtown events that were going on. Megan showed it pretty quick.

Indianapolis Museum

It was so cool they already had the dinosoar the was coming out of the front of the Museum, but they made some changes to the entrance making two HUGE dinosoars pretending to try to go in the side of the museum.

Jackson liked playing in the icecream parlor and pretending to eat all the icecream.

We even took a trip to Egypt while she was here. HA... J/k It was cool in the Museum they had a cool plane that looked just like a real one that we pretend to fly to Egypt and experience all that they have over there. It was really neat. Jackson loved the alligator as you'll see.

Jackson gave Megan a ride. I kind of was a little nervous. I can wait for Jackson to drive someday in a real car... especially with Megan!

Grandma rode on the carousel with Megan. Jackson wasn't too interested in riding this time for some reason.

Thanks for all the fun we had with you Grandma Shelley. We love you!