Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some fun times hanging out!

With Jackson at school now in the mornings me and the girls have a little time to hang out together. I love it! As you can see Megan loves her little sister Whitney.

Where's Whitney?

We've had some fun times dressing up in dressup clothes as you can see. Megan just loves the color pink as any girl does and she has to have everything PINK!

So, we had a little fun the other day emptying our lovesac so we could wash it. We emptied all the stuffing onto sheets, then washed the sac, and then filled it up again with big bowls. It took some time. Although, it was nice to clean the huge thing. We might have another adventure cleaning the other one. Yipee!

Sweet Whitney is getting so big! Sorry its a little blurry, I used my phone camera.

We always love going to the park to have a break for me and the kids of course. The kids love to put Whitney in the swing now. She loves it too it seems.

Silly, Skinny Jackson! He loves to wear this container that holds our blocks. I can't believe he can get it on.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jacksons first day of Kindergarten

So sad, my little Jackson just started Kindergarten. He's so big now, it kills me to think of the days when he was as small as Whitney. That seems like not too long ago even though of course we've been through a lot. Crazy to have a kid in school now. Hard to deal with someone elses schedule and not just mine. He's only doing half day thankgoodness. He's kind of been a little sad leaving home even for the few hours that he does. So, its working out fine doing this instead of full day. Jackson really likes his teacher and loves all the fun things he gets to do in his class as soon as he gets there and all.

We made a fun rice krispie bus to get Jackson excited for school the night before.