Monday, March 24, 2008


Jackson was able to find his Easter basket that dad hid in his tent that is in his room. He did much better than me finding my Easter basket, Dave hid it pretty good. Oh boy did Jackson enjoy finding his basket along with all the candy inside. I think he had about half of all the chocolate in his mouth within the first 10 min. after finding his basket. We had a fun Easter this year. We really missed spending it with the family, but we were able to still carry on the family traditions of hiding baskets, going to an easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, and we had fun going to some friends of ours for Easter dinner.

This is the Easter egg hunt we went to that was for the First Assembly of God church. It was really fun. There were tons of people there. They had a puppet show, food, and prizes you could win. There were lots of eggs. This picture on the right is of the area the 3 and under were to go for eggs. It didn't work very well being it so narrow, people weren't able to get through very well, but its all for fun and we had lots of fun going to it.

We had a lot of fun coloring eggs with Jackson as you can see. He liked putting the sport stickers on his eggs.

Jackson was so excited to get an Easter package from his Grandma Shelley. Especially the fruit snacks as you can see on the left. Thanks Grandma Shelley!


The Nehrings said...

What cute pictures! We were glad that you guys came over and hung out today. Hopefully, we can do that more often!

See you soon!

Linds and Boys

The Dahle's said...

he is so cute! i am glad that u had a fun easter being away from family and all! i like the picture of u sitting on the floor in jackson's room you look cute!
love ya

TKA said...

Looks like your Easter was a fun one! Way to go on keeping up with the traditions away from the family. Jackson looks like he had a blast...isn't this the funnest age to share holiday traditions?! That easter egg hunt looks like fun! There were a lot of eggs, wow!

Ray & Jen said...

It's Jennifer Sargent (Campbell) I just saw your post on Stew's blog and I think your little boy looks like you, he's a cutie. Anyway I am totally adding you to my blog. It's fun to see where people are that you knew back in the day. Hope all is well. Our blog address is if you wanna check it out.