Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun Times With Jackson!

We just love our little Jackson to death. The happiness he brings to our lifes is undescribable. He of course has his very hard times, but he's such a cutie with his classic smile he always has when we ask him to smile. We are so thankful to have him.

Jackson loves to sit on his own little Shrek chair we got him. Here he is sitting with his one leg crossed over his other knee. I love it when he sits in such grown up of positions.

Jackson still loves his ELMO! Now he has another Elmo that he tickles and he laughs and shakes. He's so funny when he wants to watch Elmo he'll do a disco dance and say elmo, meaning he wants to watch Elmo. We crack up everytime he does it. We just love the small things that he does that are so unique.

Jackson and I had so much fun playing with all the different colors of balloons. He hasn't gotten his colors down yet, but we're working on it. He just loves to throw them up and down and then sit on them. Thank goodness he hasn't popped one yet from sitting on them. Would not be good

I caught Jackson in this fun little pose. He's been watching me do aerobics too much I guess.

Jackson loves to throw himself on our love sac.

I caught Jackson here in mid-air jumping. He just loves to jump now, a new discovery he's made.

Jackson loves it when his daddy plays with him. David would blow up a balloon and would put it on this helicopter twirler thing and it made a very loud siren sound while it twirled in the air. Jackson just loved it. He started to hit the balloon and David would make dramatic reactions, which Jackson would just totally crack up .


Lance's Mommy said...

It is so much fun watching the things that kids figure out & what makes them laugh. Jackson looks like such a cutie. He sure looks like he has lots of fun. :)

TKA said...

Looks like Jackson has a lot of fun in your new home! What a fun little boy. I can't wait for when he and Alexa get to play again...they will both seem so much older--TWO YEARS soon. It's crazy, time flies even more with kids don't you think?!