Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a Cute Boy!

Its been forever since I've taken a bath picture of Jackson. He's sure grown up since I think it was when he was probably about 6 months when I took the last bath picture. He just loves to pour the water in and out of cups. He loves to put the frogs on the bath wall upside down which is funny to watch him actually try to do it. Thank goodness he hasn't learned that he can disobey me by throwing the water out of the tub. I've told him not to and he hasn't gone crazy splashing it all over, YET! Hopefully he never does.
Jackson is still a true blue Cougar fan! Wearing his BYU beenie still when we go outside and its a little cold.
This was hilarious, Jackson was eating his lunch and then he'll have a nap right after, but he must have been REALLY tired, cause he fell asleep sitting up eating his food. So, I picked him up and layed him in his tent to sleep in. I thought he looked so dang cute putting his arms behing his head. Which I hear helps him breath easier in his sleep, either way he looked so cute sleeping here. What a CUTIE PIE!

Jackson loves to wear hats right now. He'll put on all of his dads hats. They seem to fit him pretty well actually. We have such a little HOMIE G!


Kristi said...

Jackson IS a cute boy. I love watching our little ones growing up and learning so much each day. I was thinking about taking a bath picture of Alexa the other day--just like you--thinking that I haven't taken one since she was a lot younger...very cute :)

The Gulls said...

Jackson is a dang cute kid. Hows it going back there?