Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Another Year
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It was Daves birthday on Sunday, he turned the big 25! I was so mad that I forgot to give Dave the camera. Him and Jackson had so much fun going on their first father and son campout on Friday and Saturday. Jackson did great he said, so that's great to know that we will be able to go camping this summer. Then on Saturday for Daves birthday I threw him a surprise birthday party at Texas Roadhouse. He had no idea about it. I invited all the guys he works with and some of our couple friends from our ward. He was totally surprised. The food of course was the best, and then we had some cake and ice cream, then of course my favorite part was Dave riding on the horse saddle they have you sit on in front of everyone and everyone shouts a Happy Birthday, Yeehah!! I had to get him back for doing it to me on my birthday last year. I so wish I would have had my camera. I just had so much on my mind of just getting him there I totally forgot it, darn it! Anyway, we had a fun time celebrating his birthday on Sunday too. We relaxed, enjoyed eating dinner out on our patio, had cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to him. I hope you were able to have a great birthday hon! We sure love ya!

Like father, like son!

Jackson I think liked the balloons more than Dave did. :) J/k He had so much fun jumping on and hitting them everywhich way.


TKA said...

Sounds like Dave's birthday was a BLAST! You are a cute wife to plan so much for your hubby.

Jackson is looking so old!

Robyn Cheney said...

I found the link to your blog on Nehrings blog.
It is sure fun to see all your pictures, they are fun.
See you later,

Robyn Cheney said...

I was looking through the pictures that Shawn took from the Father/Son outing and there are actually quite a few pictures of Dave and Jackson.
Let me know if you want copies.

Sheri said...

so cute, I just love father and son pictures. I need to get more with my hubby and little guy.

hairprincess said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Hows it been Am? I havent talked to you in forever I wana call ya one of these days! SO you are gona be in Utah sometime in July or June? July 29th I want to there with me! I will call ya sometime for sure! Love ya:)