Friday, June 13, 2008


This past weekend we had a flood that was the worst flood this place has ever had since 1913, and ours was even worse. It rained, and rained just kept raining. Peoples houses have just been completely destroyed. Their cars have been sunk in the water and are completely damaged. Its so sad to hear of a few familys houses that weren't even in flood plain and their basements were totally flooded. The problem out here is that they have tornados out here too, which we experienced a few days before the flood. We had a touchdown tornado about 10 minutes from where we live. Scary stuff! This flood however has done so much damage to everything. We luckily didn't have anything happen to our house, we were extremely BLESSED! The water was starting to come out of the sewers by us the water was so high. It all started on Saturday. Saturday there were helicopters flying all over the city. I guess the Hospital here was completely evacuated as well as hundreds of other houses, so the helicopters were transfering people all over. The city was closed, no one was able to leave since the waters were so high as you can see in the picture below. The hospital was huge being shut down since it is the second largest employer here in Columbus. People now are out of jobs for a while for many companies. It's so sad to hear of everything that is going on. What a mess it has been. Slowly things will hopefully get better.

This was a picture of Dave on the front porch of a house. He's been going to help out familys clean up their houses with the church organization. The church has been going to houses and has been giving first aids, cleaning kits, and help just to empty out all the water out of the houses. It's has been one crazy week here in Columbus, Indiana.

These houses were just completely flooded. You can see where the water use to be on the house. The water had even gone down quite a bit before we saw them. These cars that you can see were just covered with water. Totally unbelieveable!

I know that the park right here next to us in on a lower ground and so I saw that after all the water had gone down it would have been up to my shoulders.


Busty LaRue said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary. How truly blessed you were that nothing too terrible happened to you guys.

TKA said...

wow, it's crazy to think that you guys are involved with all that...I am so glad to hear that everything is good at your house and that you get the chance to help out others. That is really nice of Dave. We love you guys. Stay safe.
We can't wait to see you all!

The Dahle's said...

holy cow that flood is craziness! glad it wasn't your house! yes i know that kyle and kaitlin are getting married! that is so exciting they are so dang cute! im so happy for them! i am jealous she gets to have u for a sister in law and their kids will have the 2 ambers as aunt ambers but not me :(. lol. they will be lucky to have u guys though. yeah i will totally be there at there wedding! i am sooo excited to see u! what day are u coming here and when are u staying till? we totally need to plan a get together! i miss my amber!

The Gulls said...

gosh i cant believe how much water you guys got. Im glad nothing happened to your house

hairprincess said...

Holy crap I hear about these floodings all over the news but never thought someone I know would be in them! That is so scary! I am soooooo glad you are safe from them though, but that tornado was dang close! You need to move back to Utah where we all know our Amber is SAFE!:) hehe those are way cool pics though! Better then the news haha. So nice of you guys to be helping out the ones who did get soaked!