Saturday, July 19, 2008

...and Washington State!

Sorry it's been forever since I've last posted pictures on our blog. We've been so busy being gone on our family vacation to Utah and Washington. We had such a blast being at both places with family. So, here are a ton of pictures of both places we went to.

Before we went to Hood Canal for Daves family reunion, we had some fun spending time in downtown Seattle, Washington.

One of the days we were there we had so much fun spending time with Daves brother, Kevin and his family. Jackson had so much fun hanging out with his cousins Ricky and Billy. These are some pictures of downtown Seattle of course.

It was crazy, my sister-in-law, Cindy, heard that this Troll was pretty cool so we went to see it. It was really neat. There was a Troll made out of cement under a bridge just like the Troll in the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Jackson couldn't stop talking about it after we went there.

This was an actual real guy that was completly silver and looked so fake to me. It was totally crazy when he would move and make noises just like a robot. Another one of those people on the street trying to make money. He won my vote for the one that deserved money on the street the most. That was so amazing to me, fooled me!

There was also a fun little carnival on the downtown streets of seattle that the kids had so much fun going on the rides. Jackson always likes the carousel.

We went with all of Daves family to the Mariners baseball game.

Dave and I enjoyed going to the Seattle, Washington Temple together.


Kami Jackson said...

Hey Amber,
How are you doing? Your little boy is so cute. I'm glad I found you. Let me know how things are going.