Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Trip to Alabama

We had so much fun a few weeks ago, we took a pre-Thanksgiving trip out to see our closer family we have in Birmingham, Alabama. We had such a blast going to see them. They used to live in Lexington, Kentucky which was of course a lot closer, but we are still happy to have them some what close. It was a 7 hour drive, but well worth it. Jackson really enjoyed seeing his cousins. They had fun playing football outside together even though it was a little cold and rainy. Jackson just loved wearing his cousins football helmet as you can see. He acted like a true football player. I don't know if he's just watched too much of the BYU Cougar football games or what, but he has found out how to be ready to play the game.

Jackson also had his first little sleepover with the boys watching Shrek 3. He didn't last very long after the movie ended, but it was nice while it lasted.

We also were happy to be able to stop at two more temples that we haven't seen yet. We weren't able to go inside that day, but we love at least just stopping and seeing them. If you can't see which one they are on the signs, it's the Birmingham, Alabama and the Nashville, Tennessee temple. They looked pretty much the same, being that they are the newer style of temple, but always still a pretty temple. Two more off the list, and still quite a few to go.

Jackson really needed a break from driving in the car, so we let him run wild in the leaves next to the temple grounds. The leaves were still really pretty there.


Jed & Allison said...

Looks like fun! I hate the car rides with kids though. Your baby is getting so close ... when is your actual due date?

Kristi said...

What a fun little trip! I am impressed that you guys traveled that far...with a 2 1/2 year old and being, what, about nine months prego?! I love you temple pictures...and what a cute one of Jackson in the leaves!


Kristen said...

Jackson looks adorable in the helmet!

Ericsonfam said...

Amber, We need your address to send you a christmas card, but don't call Karen, we have a bunch to get through tonight and I need her help