Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Old Days!

My coach from my High School soccer team posted this picture on facebook. It's from my senior class soccer picture we took way back then. It totally took me back to those days when I use to be so much more fit. Man, we worked our tails off back then. I'm still staying in shape, but I've never been in as good of shape as I was back then. Those were a lot of fun memories. Someday I'd really like to play with the girls again. Man, we looked tough! I just love the game!


Amber said...

Cute! I totally remember the Amber from high school... fun days! You've still got it! :)

Jed & Allison said...

You guys don't look very happy.:)

hairprincess said...

You totally still got it girl you look so good! You have two kids and look great, good for you, I remember when you would come home when we were roomies (woo woo!:) and say you just ran like 7-8 miles, I was always beyond shocked, I can walk maybe one LOL. Those highschool and college days were the best tho huh? I am going to update our girls blog soon with some fun pics I found in my scrapbook.. so looking forward hehe:)