Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Father and Son Campout

It was so much fun for Jackson and Dave to go on a Father and Son Campout they do every year here. Jackson went last year and I think the year before that when he was really young. They have so much fun together. Jackson got so excited when I told him he got to go camping with dad. He said he wanted us all to go, and we will, I told him its just for the boys this time though. They always have a good time. I guess the weather wasn't so good for them, really windy and rainy, but still fun.

I guess they played a few games. Jacksons holding rubberbands they played a game with.

Ok, so when Jackson and Dave got home, Jackson comes to me and says, "Mom, a small branch fell and hit our car!" I was really hoping it was a small branch and not a big deal. Oh no, Dave said, it wasn't event that big of a branch, but still did quite a bit of damage as you can see. I was a little surprised you can say. Couldn't be that small of a branch. So, we really need to still get that fixed. Darn nature! A few months ago we were driving to the temple and hit a deer and now this. Its all good!


Elise said...

you guys don't have good luck with cars and church events!