Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter pictures finally!

Whitney is all smiles now. Anytime you look or smile at her she pulls a huge smile. Such a happy girl!:) Hopefully she stays that way for a while. We'll enjoy it for now at least.

This was Jackson at his little preschool Easter party we all did together. It was a lot of fun having all the brothers and sisters invited too. We had a Easter egg hunt out back and had lunch together. It was so much fun doing preschool for Jackson for 2 years. I will really miss it and so will he.

Jackson and Megan loved all the chocolate they got for Easter. They especially loved these chocolate bunnies.

More and more smiling, Whitney is such a joy in our family.

I saw these cute easy to make Easter nest out of a magazine. Jackson had fun making them. Megan is still a little young to do them. But they still had fun with them putting their colored eggs in them.

Megan just loved eating all the chocolate as you can see it all around her mouth.

Jackson and Megan always have fun finding their Easter baskets. Megan just loves to pull this face in a lot of pictures. I took most of these with my camera on my phone so they're probably not the best. I hate it when all my batteries are dead and not charged. Especially on a holiday! Oh well, these are better than nothing.


California Dreamin said...

Darling kids. Who were the ones with all of the chocolate on their faces? Cute, Cute, Cute. Jackson looks so handsome and we know he is so smart. Megan is a princess and is beautiful. Whitney is as cute as a button. We love you all. Thanks for sharing your fun times of Easter with us. Your nests were cute too. Glad you are carrying on the hiding of the baskets. You are great parents. We love you all. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Shelley