Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas At Ours!

This was our first year at our home for Christmas. We had so much fun being able to get things ready for the kids for Christmas and see how excited they were. We usually have been flying and haven't been able to bring gifts, so this was a lot different and fun to experience. We missed our family, but enjoyed spending our own Christmas together as us and so did the kids. We avoided opening gifts in the morning and so we would make it to church on time. We knew if we started opening presents they wouldn't want to stop. So, we waited till we got home from church and went at it.

Our three cute kids on Christmas day.

Jackson loved this dinosaur that he got that is enormous compared to the other one we got him last Christmas. He absolutely loved it!

It was a lot of fun getting matching pajamas for the girls. Megan also loves dressing like Whitney.

On Christmas Eve we made stockings for all of us. This was our first year at our own house for Christmas and so we haven't made stockings for each of us yet. It was a lot of fun putting them together. Hopefully they'll last quite a few years.

This was Christmas Eve after Santa had already came. We thought we'd try to hide some of the big gifts. See if you can find the basketball hoop or girls playhouse. I thought we did pretty good trying to hide them.

Jackson loved putting together this Cars 2 Mac and Lightning McQueen set he got from Grandma and Grandpa Shelley. I was amazed that he was able to put it together all by himself with only a little help.

Jackson and Megan were so excited for the beta fish we got Megan for Christmas. They were way into its every move. We named it Bob after Jacksons first beta fish he had when he was little. We named it that after Jacksons first word, "Bob, bob, bob...."

The day after Christmas we went to an Indianapolis Pacers game. It was their first game after the closeout.

For New Years we went out to Alabama to see Daves sister. We had a lot of fun hanging out. The boys always have fun going out and playing football together. It was great having warmer weather than we have out here in Indiana.


California Dreamin said...

Amber & Dave,
Fun, fun Christmas pictures. It was neat seeing what the kids got and the excited and magical expressions on their faces. That's neat Bob is back in the family bowl. Now Jackson will be a basketball star like his dad. Loved the Christmas excitment and the darling kids in p.j.'s and Whitney's pretty dress. Love you guys. Mom Shelley