Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl in Indianapolis

The other night we went up to Indianapolis for all the fun stuff they have going on up there. They had tons of stuff like a guy carving ice sculpturs with a chain saw, kid games, huge bands playing, crazy people being silly, hanggliding from way high and forever long (so wanted to do it), and lots more. The Sports Center for ESPN was there too broadcasting live, so we got to be on camera a lot. Later we watched it and Dave and Jackson got on T.V. It was pretty cool!

Dave and Jackson had a blast jumping up and down (Jackson on Daves back so he could be seen better) for over an hour trying to get on T.V. and it was well worth the 10-15 minutes of fame on ESPN Sports Center. Dave and Jackson were totally exhausted from it.

For those of you who watch sports center, this guy has the craziest eyebrow. I thought it was cool seeing him up close.

This is where people were hanggliding from, way high up. It looked like a lot of fun. It was too bad you had to get tickets way in advance or I would have so wanted to do it.

This is kind of hard to see, but its a ice sculpture of the colts horseshoe the man carved.