Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jacksons First Day of 1st Grade and my 30th Birthday!

 Jackson was all ready for his first day of school.  He was definitely excited to see all his friends again.  Can't believe my little Jackson is already in 1st grade.

Here's Megan with one of her best friends Jaycee.  Their family was out here for an internship and we bonded immediately.  They are such a wonderful family.  We already miss them since they had to move back to school.  Megan especially misses them.  Her and her friend were so close and looked a lot a like too.

Dave went to school at IU for a week, so I took the kids to the museum to get out and play.  It was going to be a long week without Dave.  But, we survived!  It's always nice to have Dave home instead of away.

I took this picture mainly for my dad, he LOVES nice cars.  This is for you dad!  I don't know about the green though.

 I so can't believe that I turned the BIG 30 this year!  Crazy that I'm that old!  Anyway, my mom said it's all about how you feel.  And, I feel like I'm still 21.  Yeah, so for my birthday Dave was gone, but I still celebrated all out.  I actually went and bought this cake for myself and had them write on it.  I thought Megan would love the princesses.  I let Whitney and Megan go crazy and lick the bowl all out after making cupcakes for some friends I had come over.  It became a huge mess ending up in baths. But, it was okay they loved it and I wasn't going to stress on my birthday.

I had a great day!  I had a bunch of wonderful friends spoil me by bringing over balloons, candy, etc.  Dave sent me some flowers which was very nice.  And, my friend even asked if she could watch the kids while I went out.  I went out to dinner with another friend.  And then me and the kids sang Happy Birthday to me and we had cake and ice cream.  It was a fun birthday!


Kristi said...

I'm glad that you had a fun birthday. You are such a young 30 year old :)

Cute Jackson, good luck in school!

California Dreamin said...

Oct. 13 Amber, I thought I commented on your darling pictures from your birthday and sweet Megan and her friend. I loved seeing the kids and you. Way to make a fun day for you and the kids. Love you tons. Mom Shelley