Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here's what's been going on lately...

David and I had our 2 year anniversary this past week. I've been getting into cake decorating and decorated this cake for it.

Jackson and I went swimming at the clubhouse here at our townhouse. He loved it other than that the water was pretty cold, so he took a little while to warm up to it.

David and Jackson are staring out the window, but Jackson tried to sneek a peek back at me to see what I was up to.

Jackson loved going at his corn on the cob during dinner after church in his white dress shirt. We love his smile!

Being out here in Indiana we've been able to experience doing different fun activities. We were able to go to the Reds baseball game with the Phillips(Davids sister and her family) who live in Kentucky. As you can tell, Jackson was so tired at the end of the game.

Jackson and I had a lot of fun playing with drums(pots and pans) one day. He played on them pretty good.

Jackson pulled a funny face when we put the hat on him. He used to always keep hats on, but now he can't handle having them on his head for very long.

David was so sweet and got me a dozen red roses for our anniversary.

Jackson loves playing at the park. He's grown so much in the past while. He isn't a baby any more as you can tell.


Tyler, Kristi, Alexa said...

Jackson looks so much older! It hasn't been that long, has it? He is soooo cute! You all look really good. We miss you all so much. What a fun experience you guys are are doing a good job at "Blooming where you are Planted!" Keep the pictures coming!