Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Jackson is sitting next to his older cousin, Daniel, watching Madagascar.

We went to the temple up in Louisville, Kentucky. We took turns with Kristi(Davids sister) watching each others kids while we each went into the temple. Afterwards we went to Red Robin and had dinner. We had the workers sing happy birthday to Jackson.

They gave Jackson a HUGE sundae that took him totally by surprise, as you can tell. Jackson got pretty hyperactive after eating some of it. We didn't let him eat it all. That would have been a scary sight.

Jackson started telling everyone in the restaurant that he turned one.

It was a lot of fun, we had Kristi, Scott and their boys down for Jacksons 1st birthday. They brought a lot of fun gifts for Jackson.

Jackson really got into unwrapping the presents.

He even started trying on his pants he got from Grandma Shelley. He really seemed to like them.

We also had a Lightning McQueen pinata for the kids to hit.

It was so much fun having Jackson attempt blowing out his candle and digging into his first piece of cake. He loved the feeling of the frosting between his fingers. He really liked the wheels-chocolate donuts, on the cake.

I had a lot of fun making Jacksons Lightning McQueen 1st birthday cake.

Jackson got a little messy as you can tell from eating the cake. It was so funny seeing him dunk his face into the cake and go crazy eating it.

It was a lot of fun coloring these pictures from the movie "CARS" for Jacksons birthday party.
"CARS" was the first movie Jackson "saw," well, first movie he went to.


Tyler, Kristi, Alexa said...

that is so cute that Jackson holds his little "one" finger like that! Looks like it was a BIG FUN day! Good job with the cake... looks amazing! You are so talented. You three look so good! We miss you so much! Alexa can't wait to play with Jackson again!