Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jackson at the World's Largest Children's Museum

Jackson and I went to the Indianapolis, Indiana childrens museum. It was so much fun. We went with a few of his friends out here in Columbus. Jackson and his friend Hailey, below, were crawling through the door of the playhouse. Oopps, we accidently took this picture not noticing Hailey was loosing her pants. Jackson loves to hang out with her and her brother and a few other kids out here.

Jackson and I waiting in line for the carosel. It was a lot of fun, Jackson got to ride on a horse and there was a guy doing tricks and juggling balls in the center of the carosel during the ride.

Jackson and I had a lot of fun at the museum they had all sorts of fun things for kids of all ages. Jackson really liked this water play area with all types of floating things in water. He wore this yellow rain coat that was so cute on him. He also loved the play house with non edible food to play with(he of course went for the corn), the carosel, this ball moving invention, and the huge race car he got to drive and ride in (not really!)

This dinosoar was pretty scary with his huge mouth and all. Jackson got a little scared of it.

Jackson liked crawling and ducking through the tunnels.

This tower was pretty neat. It was all made out of glass. A guy built it especially for the museum for children to enjoy. They called it the Fireworks of Glass, because he believed it looked like fireworks going off. Pretty amazing, we thought!


colds1 said...

When did Jackson grow up? I was reading all the things he did at the museum and wondered how a baby could do so much! I guess time has just flown by too fast. That museum looks really fun. Miss you guys!
-Cindy (Kevin's wife)

Tyler, Kristi, Alexa said...

What a fun place to visit! That is so great that you are finding things to do & places to visit while you are there! You guys are awsome! Alexa just can't wait to see her cousin Jackson again...she likes to look at his pictures on your blog. I tell her all about what you are doing!
love you