Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 4th here!

Jackson still holds up his one finger on each hand letting everyone know he's still one year old.

Jackson and David hung outside while it was raining on the night of the fourth of July. David tried to keep him dry by putting a towel over his head. It was okay though, the rain stopped so we were able to go out and watch tons of fireworks.

This was really neat! On the fourth of July we were invited to a few parties. During the day we went to a guys house that is still investigating the church. It was a huge party. We had a big luncheon and he flew everyone that wanted to on his plane. He has 170 acres of land. Above is a picture of the trees out in his so called "Sacred Grove" that we walked out to. He goes out here all by himself as prays. We thought that was pretty cool. It was a very peaceful and calm place to be. Some day, David and I would love to have a place like this.

Jackson loves his watermelon. He was just going to town on it. He now loves strawberries and watermelon which is good cause he didn't like fruit very much before. Mmmm...... good stuff!

This was the guys plane that he flew everyone in. However, it started to be really windy and rainy so not everyone was able to fly. Hopefully, we'll get to go again so we can go up in it.

Jackson loves dogs now. When he saw the dog he said D..O..G..G..Y!!! It was so funny! He loves to try to scare them off by barking at them, but as soon as they come up to him he gets scared and starts to cry.

Yeah, this picture will be a favorite of the Shelley side. We love soccer so this was fun to see Jackson pretty much run after the ball. He would keep kicking it and would go after it. He is just walking all over the place now. Keeping me on my toes of course. We didn't expect Jackson to hold back very long. Such a cute kid! The next pro soccer player coming up.


Sheri said...

It's funny because if you look at David's shirt of "Rocky" and the picture of Jackson above it--they match!