Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Pictures Lately

Lately I've been in a sewing mood, I guess. I've enjoyed finally finishing my softball blanket that I started putting together quite a few years ago. It's squares that I cut out of all my softball shirts, sweatpants, etc. I started it when I was living at home having my foot surgery and finally finished it by putting a back on it and tying it. I thought it actually turned out looking pretty good. I mainly put it on here for my family to see since they're far away and can't just come over and see it. Oh the memories that came back, what fun times of the pitching years! Go Spanish Fork High!

It was so funny the other day. While I was working out one morning on my elliptical, Jackson said, "Mom, Mom, look!" And when I looked over he had done up one of his buttons that wasn't buttoned up. It wasn't in the right whole of course as you can tell, but I thought it was a great accomplishment and so did he, as you can see.

This is just one picture we took of Jackson in one of those huge balloon Jumping things. He has never done it before and he just LOVED it! He didn't want to get out of it. It was at a fun night activity that the city had where he was able to ride a pony, play all sorts of games, and they even had a night at the movies. They made it like at the Drive-In Movies. Jackson really had a lot of fun.

Here are a few pictures of Jackson riding on his horsey while wearing his goggles.

Our ward had a fun get together that Dave was in charge of with the Elders Quorum presidency. We had a BBQ and a fun pie eating contest. I had a lot of fun learning how to make pumpkin pies. It was a lot of fun getting together with the great ward we are able to have out here.

Dave had a lot of fun doing the pie eating contest as you can see! He's proud to say that he got third place in the pie eating contest, sad but true, out of all the guys and one woman that did it, the woman beat them all. They were all a little embarrassed I think.


Sheri said...

Wow Amber! You did an awesome job on the quilt. I am always so amazed at all of the things that Jackson is able to say and do! Good job David on getting third place! That is too funny! :-)

TKAK said...

I loved catching up with your post! Amber, you are becoming quite the homemaker! I'm jealous!...that quilt looks amazing, and pumpkin pies...! And, you have an eliptical! How fun! I love little Jackson, can't wait to him again. Dave, nice pie eating skills...can tell by the picture that you have "mad" skills! :)

Ericson Fam said...

Amber, i remember when you started that quilt. That is so awesome that you have now finished it and it looks great! Nice work

Jed & Allison said...

I love the quilt. I have a ton of half finished sewing projects that I need to tackle too.

Jackson is a cutie too. I can't believe he is so big now. The last (and only) time I saw him he was probably only a month old or so.

Amber said...

Hey Am! Great job on that quilt! I don't sew, but I know how much work goes into that. Cute new pics of Jackson too. Love ya!

hairprincess said...

Hey I really like that quilt! You did such a good job I am proud of ya that is alot of work I bet! How cute is your little Jackson he is so big its crazy! So I need to see some pics of you! There are never any and I want to see your cute preggers-ness! :) How are you doing??