Monday, October 6, 2008


My sister-in-law, Sheri, tagged me with an image tag, sorry it's been so long Sheri. Basically, you search for the answers to a few questions using the Google/Yahoo Image search. Then, you have to post an image from the first page of the results with your answer.

My Age:

Where I live:

We are living in Columbus, Indiana right now. Here's a bunch of pictures all together of what it looks like here.

Place I would like to travel to:

Someday I would really love to travel to Hawaii. It looks so gorgeous there.

My favorite food:

Pretty much all Italian food

Where I grew up:

Well, I grew up in Simi Valley, California for 12 years, but I couldn't find many good pictures from there, so I put a picture of Ventura Beach, which wasn't very far from where I lived. I also remember pretty much living at Ventura Beach, we went there a lot while we lived there. Many memories there that's for sure.

My favorite color:


My favorite animal:

Not a huge animal fan, but if I were to say what animal was my favorite it would be a monkey.

Something I used to love:

I thought of these slap bracelets that I used to have a million and one of. They were so cool back then.

My first name:

Amber, this is an amber pendant

My middle name:

Christina, the only picture I could find relating to my middle name was Christina Aguilera. Not a fan of her at all, but her first name is my middle name.

My last name:

Pendleton, this is just a picture of the Pendleton, Indiana city sign. It's only just over an hour north of us here in Indiana.

I'd like to tag whoever would like to do this image tag.


Ericsonfam said...

love the tag. So I know you called me like two weeks ago but I don't have your phone number so give me a call back or give me your number. I would love to talk to you. Love Jackson he is so dang cute!

The Dahle's said...

that looks so fun! i will have to do it when i get a change! o and i LOVED slap bracelets too! i forgot about them!

Jed & Allison said...

That is a fun tag. It has been a while, I want to send you an invite to my blog, can you email me at

hairprincess said...

That is so cool I miss snap bracelets they sooo need to come back!:) So how is the prego lady doing anyway?? I hope you have been feeling good I havent talked to you in forever I will have to call you sometime I need to get your adress you should email it to me I am goin to send you some bows for little jess jr:) hehe

Lee and Marie said...

Hey Cousins! :) Amber - I totally found your blog! haha - I hope you don't mind! How are you guys? It looks like everything is going good! And I totally didn't know that you are pregnant again - at least I don't think I knew... but congratulations on the little girl! I'll need your address so I can send you a little something for her! Let me know how you guys are doing! I really need to update my blog so don't go look at it... seriously its pathetic! LOL - well talk to you soon! Happy Monday - Marie :D