Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Look Mom, Brown!"

Ok, so today I went to my mothers group at our church where the kids play with the toys in the Nursery. However, today there was a luncheon with all the Relief Society. While we were in eating and talking all the kids were just running around together having fun. Jackson, on the other hand thought it'd be fun to wander off on his own. I guess he found some markers (thank goodness, washable) and thought it'd be great to draw on himself with them. His favorite color right now is brown just like the kids is down in this picture. So, Jackson comes running in to me with something all over his hands, face, and shirt, and says, "Look mom, brown!" At first I totally thought it was that he had gotten into some chocolate of some sort. But, then I got closer and noticed he had drawn all over himself with a brown marker. Yep, he looked pretty much just like this kid below. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't have my camera. So, I thought these pictures would justify it. Thank goodness he didn't draw on anything or anyone like this little boy did to his baby brother or sister, can't tell. And, no he didn't draw on Megan. It came off for the most part, but you can still see it on him. Anyway, oh the joys of being a parent. Like the mom said below, I never thought I'd be a parent that would let her kid draw all over themself, and now I am. I guess you just gotta laugh at the things that your kids do sometimes. I got this off of the internet for a advertising washable markers. A lady told her story that I thought was pretty funny too, that I put below.

I remember when I first got this picture via email…I was a brand-spanking-new mom, with baby Luke in my arms as I wondered, “What kind of idiot mom lets her kid have a marker?”

Then, my kids got older, and I realized that I was that mom. Though mine have never drawn on each other, they have had their share of incidents with the markers. Once you learn that the “My First Washable Markers” truly wipe off of anything with a baby wipe, you stop caring so much about where stray marks might end up. Crayola Washables, this is for you…

The first and best example of why they made them washable happened when Luke was about 18 months old. I was working from home the morning these pictures were taken, and I had gone into the office to answer some emails and realized that it had gotten really quiet in the adjacent toy room. When I walked in there, I gasped, ran for my camera, and when I got back in the room told him he had to stop drawing on himself. He’s crying in the pictures not so much because he got in trouble, but more because he really thought he was doing an art project…notice how he carefully marked on each finger. He was really proud of himself. We weren't so.

Oh the joy of being a parent.


Rachel said...

Kids are so much fun! And too funny. I love when they are so proud of themselves for these things--when we are so clearly unhappy about them. :)

The Dahle's said...

that is so funny! connor would totally do the same thing! connor's favorite color is brown too! whenever i ask him what his favorite color is he says brown.

Kristi said...

OH, thank goodness that wasn't Jackson and Megan in the first picture! We Mom's get to have the most "joys" don't we?! :)