Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, we finally got some snow at our house. Jackson has been asking us all week to go out and build a snowman, but its been below freezing so we didn't wan't to take him out when it's SO... COLD. However, on Saturday it was a lot warmer so we went outside to build a snowman before all the snow melted. We still had a little for him to play in, although the majority of it was ice. If you can tell in the picture below, Jackson wasn't heavy enough to step into the snow and was holding onto Daves hand since he was sliding all over the place.

Jackson had so much fun building a snowman. Although, Jacksons idea of building a snowman is running around picking up the snow and throwing.

This is the gigantic snowman we built...

He...He.. J/K Dave put the camera right by the tiny snowman you see up above that's on the far left. I thought he did a pretty good job making it look HUGE!

This was a picture of the snowmans the day after, on Sunday. Jackson said to Dave, "Dad, you picked up all the snow?" then,"Oh man! My snowman fell over." He says some pretty funny stuff these days.


Elise said...

Looks like you had fun playing in the snow! It's amazing how fast it melts!

Rachel said...

How fun that Jackson got to build a snowman. Lance hates the snow, so he doesn't yet know the joy of building one. :)