Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Demolition Derby

We all had so much fun at the Demolition Derby this year. We went last year too, the county fair comes every year here in July. There's always good food, rides, animals, and the Demolition Derby that goes on. This years derby was a lot better than last year too. I remember going to them as a kid and loving them and I still enjoy going to them. The kids had a fun time being there too as you can see. They were both really happy and good for us even though it was a late night going to it. A great family tradition to make.

The whole back of this B4 car got so crushed in. All the cars got hit pretty bad. And it was even funner that it was in mud.

Jackson loves playing with Play-Doh, like every child. We made some fun make believe food, a hot dog, chicken, mac n cheese, brownie, and of course, chocolate milk to have for lunch and then of course he had real food.


The Dahle's said...

your family is so stinkin cute! your baby girl is getting so big and she is sooo cute! i love her smile! i can't wait to meet her! we need to plan our get together for when u come! i can't wait to see u i miss my am!

Kristi said...

Great tradition! You guys do so many fun things with your kids! Your kids are too adorable...can't wait to see them...well, you ALL REALLY SOON! love you

Unknown said...

Just saying hello and glad you enjoyed the derby i am the driver of the black and pink #5 "Think Pink Panther" car in your pictures