Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Megans 3rd Birthday!

It was so much fun throwing Megan her first birthday party. As you can tell a princess birthday party, I know a very common thing to do. But, I did as requested. I had fun planning it and making her cake and all. The only bad thing is having her birthday right next to Christmas making it very inconvenient for all her friends to come. We had some girls come, but not as near as many as I invited, we'll have to figure something else out for the future. We had so much fun though playing many games, making wands, eating cake and ice cream, and opening presents. All the girls just loved dressing up in their princess dresses as well. Megan loves pink and everything was pink, pink, pink. She always says, "Mmmm.....I love pink!," and holds a pink thing up to her face. Such a girl! We love our sweet princess Megan! Happy 3rd Birthday Megan!

As you can tell, Jackson didn't want to be dressed up like any of the girls even though he got invited to a princess party for Megan. So, he decided to dress up, but as Spiderman. He also had to have a cars cup and plate instead of a princess cup and plate. I didn't mind! Rather have that than the other way around. He's so funny sometimes.

So, this was early morning on Megans Birthday. We had Megans birthday party a few days before her actual birthday. Dave gets a kick out of putting a blanket covering the kids door and sliding balloons in between the door and the blanket, so that when they open the door all the balloons come falling into them. We did it for Jacksons last birthday too. Megan didn't think it was as funny as Jackson did. She can be pretty aunry in the morning if not enough sleep, which happened. Whitney woke up crying and I couldn't go in without it falling, and so Megan woke up to her crying and wasn't too happy. Anyway, she had a fun filled day doing all the things she wanted like Chuck E Cheese and going out to eat at her favorite places.

Three cute kids. We love you Megan! Happy 3rd Birthday!


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Megan! We love you and miss you! You look so beautiful in your princess dress!

What a fun party sure know how to throw a party! :)

California Dreamin said...

Amber's Catering Service, You are amazing the creative and fun things you do for your kids. They are so lucky and blessed to have a mom who spends her life making them happy. What lucky princesses and prince they are. The cake and cupcake set up were darling. Not as darling as the princess though. WE love you Megan, Jackson, & Whitney. I bet you have fun playing in your play house, castle and with your dinosaur and loc blocks. It's good they have a queen and king to keep it all going. YOur're the best. Love, Mom, Dad & Ashley