Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving at our house

It was so cute, Jacksons Kindergarten class had a little Thanksgiving program. His teacher had them make homemade cornbread w/ butter, fingerprint turkeys, pilgrim hats and ties, and candles. Then after they ate their cornbread they sang a bunch of Thanksgiving songs that was really cute. Its been fun to enjoy all the fun things they do at school for the kids.

Jackson made Megan an Indian head band since she didn't have a hat. She loves being like her older brother. It was very sweet of him to think about her without.

My three cute kids with glasses and goggles on.

Some pictures of us just having some fun hanging out at home with the cold weather and all. Crazy Megan is always pulling her silly faces.

Dave played at the Turkey Bowl they have every Thanksgiving with Jackson and his cousins and Uncle. They had so much fun. Dave was glad not to have a broken hand this year like last year.

It was great having some family come to visit us for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun hanging out, playing and watching football, playing at the park, and going shopping on Black Friday, and having such yummy food for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun being with all of them.

We made some fun turkeys with rice krispies, oreos, chocolate frosting, and candy corns. I thought it was a fun and easy idea.

Megan loves to play with Whitney and hide from her under her highchair. Whitney couldn't find Megan anywhere and then Megan would peek up and surprise her. It was way cute!


Elise said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving week. Glad you had some family come visit. Those rice krispie oreo turkey things looked YUMMY!