Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

These took some time to upload and put on my blog, but they're here. Life is a lot busier now. We had a wonderful Halloween and hope you did too!

Our two cute little Tinkerbells.

We had a Ward Halloween Party last week and brought these brownie pumpkins to it. Jackson helped me decorate them. It was too bad it rained. We had trunk or treat inside the gym which was a little crowded, but still a lot of fun.

This year for Halloween Jackson was Spiderman for our ward party and his school parade and a Transformer for Trick or Treating. Megan was Tinkerbell for the party and a Barbie princess for Trick or Treating. I only dressed up Whitney for the party. It was too cold on Halloween to put her in her costume, figured it'd be better to keep her warm. For the party Dave dressed up as Zorro and I was his partner in crime.

Megan just loves to pose for the camera. Its lucky she is so cute, she's a tuff one thats for sure.

Some pictures of Jacksons Kindergarten parade at his school and of him and Megan with a few friends. It was cute to see him hold Megans hand to walk around all the classes with his class.

I had to do a little photo shot with Megan after I got her all ready for going Trick or Treating. I did it quick since I knew her hair wouldn't last long.

Carving our pumpkins together.

This year I decided I was determined to make a soccer ball. Dave, my wonderful Mechanical Engineer, helped me do it. I thought it turned out pretty good. Jackson wanted the spider from Spiderman, Megan wanted a funny face, and Dave did a huge eye ball. We love finding something new to do every year that will challenge us.

It was so much fun to take Megan and Jackson Trick or Treating this year. They had so much fun and got plenty of candy.

Whitney found Megans princess bucket and got caught taking some. Uh oh!

Still happy though. She's our little angel and is always so content.


The Dahle's said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love how you dressed up your girls the same. They look so adorable. I miss you so much! Are you ever coming to Utah again?

California Dreamin said...

Dave, Amber, Jackson, Megan, and Whitney, We loved your pictures. What darling kids. We loved your costumes and carved pumpkins. You guys win the prize for the coolest pumpkins. Way to go on the soccer ball, spiderman, happy face and giane eyeball. Great job Dave & Amber. We love you guys. Mom & Dad Shelley

Kristi said...

cute pictures! Glad to hear and see that you guys had a happy Halloween! :) We had a Tinkerbell at our house too...too bad we couldn't have taken a picture of all three together! Love you!

Kristi said...
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Elise said...

Their costumes are so cute!! How fun for the girls in their matching ones! I loved Megan's hair!