Monday, November 14, 2011

Running the Louisville 1/2 Marathon!

This past weekend I ran in the Louisville 1/2 Marathon. It was a lot of fun, they had bands on the sides of the roads, water stations, and lots of people cheering us on. I've been training for it for at least a few months. I was kind of nervous doing it since I've never run an actual race that was timed and all, but it went good. I had to really push myself through it of course,but I did really well finishing till the end. I had a finishing time of 2 hours 9:20. I was pretty tired of course afterwards, but it felt great accomplishing my goal. Thanks to my cheering team on the side lines. Dave, Jackson, Megan, and Whitney were there to cheer me on. Thanks you guys!


California Dreamin said...

Nov. 14 Amber, way to go and Congrats to the half marathoner! You are amazing! You really trained well and accomplished a great goal. Thanks for supporting her Dave, Jackson, Megan & Whitney! That is so nice of you to allow her to run and then making it a family celebration!!!Yeah! We love you all tons. Wishing you an awesome Thanksgiving to an awesome family. We are grateful for you! Love, Mom & Dad Shelley

hairprincess said...

wow good job you are amazing! I ran a 5k and almost died LOL! I am proud of ya! Cute little family waiting for ya on the side lines too how fun!:)Cute blog I miss you! We DEF need to catch up do you still have my number??? it has been way to long!