Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whitneys 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was Whitneys 1st Birthday! Wow! That year totally flew by. I can't believe she's already 1 year old. We absolutely love our sweet Whitney and are thankful for the joy she brings to our family. Happy 1st Birthday Whitney! We love you!

Such a happy girl! Yay for my birthday!

Two cute girls! Its been fun having two girls next together, although I know its going to be hard later on with them, knowing from experience. They'll love each other later on too, eventually!

I made Whitney a Tweety bird birthday cake since my mom made me one when I turned 1. My parents use to call me Tweety bird because I looked like tweety bird to them. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing.

I was so happy that the weather was nicer on her birthday. We got to go to the park next to us and play. The kids absolutely love to get outside whenever possible since we know there are only nice days like this very rarely. Jackson and Megan both had fun pushing Whitney in the swing as you can see and Whitney loved it too. Yay for nice weather.

Pretty Whitney!

After Dave got home from work we opened presents. With Whitney so little, she didn't know any different. So, we waited, however, it made Megan not happy to wait, we might be doing it in the morning for now on. As always Whitney loved the wrapping paper more than the presents at the time. Jackson and Megan didn't mind helping. They get so impatient waiting for her to open them. So, what the heck, go for it, right!

Happy 1st Birthday Whitney! We all love you so much!


The Dahle's said...

I can't believe she is 1! She is so stinkin cute! You have a beautiful family! Miss you so much!

California Dreamin said...

Amber, I thought I had commmented, but I didn't. Darling pics of Whitney, Jackson and Megan. Super Bowl celebration looked fun. It was fun to see Dave & Jackson on TV. Movie Stars!!! Whitney is growing too fast. Awesome Tweety Bird cake Amber. You are so creative and hard working. Love hearing Jackson read and Megan sing on the phone. You and Dave are awesome and dedicated parents. Love you all. Mom Shelley