Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at our house, and other fun things!

I had fun taking the girls on a picnic today. Whitney has been getting so much bigger and doing so much more. The girls just love swinging on the swings at the park.

Here are some pictures from coloring eggs on Easter. Jackson loved making a baseball egg since right now he is playing baseball with his dad coaching him.

Dad and Megan had fun coloring some eggs together. Megan colored pretty much all her eggs pink. Such a girl!

I had a fun time doing an Easter egg hunt and Easter basket cupcakes with Megans preschool. Its been totally low key and that's exactly what I wanted. Its been really great for Megan and me.

Hollywood!!! I love putting glasses on babies when they are this age, so cute! They don't keep them on very long though.

Jackson had an awards assembly a week ago. His teacher asked him if he could write about what his favorite thing was to do in Kindergaren. He is such a boy and doesn't get too much into details as a girl would. That's a thing I've totally noticed more with girls and boys with being different. Girls will go on forever with details on everything. Boys will tell you one thing and nothing more, no details whatsoever. I guess that's just how it is. Anyway, he said he loved to learn new things everyday. He also loves Art and going to the Library. This doesn't surprise me, he has always loved going to the Library and doing crafts with me.

So, I've realized I'm getting a little less strict being a mom with every kid more and more. Here's Whitney having a sucker. She absolutely loves them. I would have never let Jackson have a sucker at this age. I watch her the whole time of course, and if you take it away from her she'll have a screaming fit. Boy, does she throw tantrums now. Good thing she is so cute!

Okay, so this was so funny. I came home from going to a kids resale and I layed the clothes I got for Megan and showed her and for Jackson too. Jackson said, "cool!" and went back to what he was doing. Then Megan went through every shirt and said, "this is so...pretty!" to almost everything. Then, she layed these clothes out like so up above, by herself. This is such a girl thing to do when you're older, so I thought for your first day of school. Dave looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh!" Megan is, well, I don't know what she is, but she is one I have yet to figure out. Thats what eternity's for, I guess. Everyday is a mystery with her, don't know what to expect. Here's Jackson who loves to snuggle and be wrapped up with blankets and stuffed animals.


California Dreamin said...

Hey Pendletons, Way to go on doing your part in your school program Jackson. We are so proud of you. Megan, you are a girl through and through. Whitney is a doll too. We had so much fun having you guys here in California. We are so blessed to be your grandparents. You are so blessed to have such a great mom and dad who dedicate their lives to you. We loved seeing pictures of your Easter Egg hunt and your fun times at home. Jackson, we are glad you like school and we are so proud of you for working so hard. You are smart. Megan, we think you are smart too, and we are glad you get to have preschool. We love you all so much. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Shelley

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