Monday, April 30, 2012

Going to the Pacers Game!



So, it was funny because we went to a Indianapolis Pacers game and were sitting way up in the nose bleed seats.  I had to use the restroom a little into the beginning of the game.  After I washed my hands a lady came over to me and asked where I was sitting.  I told her way up high.  She said she could get me better seats.  Well, as you can tell these were a lot better seats.  In fact on the 17 row seats.  It was great!!!  Jackson seemed to be a little scared being so high up too, so this turned out great being so close to the game.  Note to self always go to the bathroom in the first quarter of a basketball game and hopefully have the same luck.

Dave had a car wash fundraiser last weekend for his High Adventure and other Scouting.  They even washed and ambulance, which took quite awhile.  It turned out to be a great idea since they had such a great turn out.  They could have done better probably too if they tried to sell tickets a little more.  The weather wasn't the greatest either, but it worked out wonderful.  Its amazing how giving some people can be with these things.  


California Dreamin said...

Amber, Never thought you could have such good luck for basketball game seats in the bathroom. That is awesome. You guys make life fun for lucky Jackson, Megan, & Whitney. So glad Dave's scout troop had good luck and people helped them out so much. Love those cute kids. Love, Mom & Dad Shelley