Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday Dave!

Whitney absolutely loved Daves birthday cake.  She started licking the plate.  She got so messy, but it was so cute and fun to see her so excited.

Dave and Jackson went on their fathers and son camp out last weekend.  They had so much fun climbing through caves, having a campfire, walking through rivers, etc.  Doing boy stuff!

Jackson lost his first tooth a week ago and just lost his second one last night.  It was so cute, he prayed that he'd loose his tooth at dinner time, since it wasn't coming out and was hurting.  After his first bite, it fell right out.  It was so neat to have him see that his prayer was answered.


California Dreamin said...

Hey toothless wonder Jackson, Did your two front teeth come out yet? We had so much fun at your house. We are excited to see you at Great Grandpa's cabin this month. Jackson, so glad you had a fun birthday. Glad you had a nice birthday too Dave. Fun pictures of us there and the darling kids. We're excited to see pictures of Jackson's birthday and the cool Captain America cake. We love you guys. Love, Grandma Shelley