Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Trip to Utah!

We had  such a fun trip to Utah.  We got to see many cousins and some that were unexpected and great to see.  We had fun playing at their houses, going to our families cabin, hiking up to the falls, etc.  Thanks for such a fun time everyone.  It was great seeing all of you.

It was so much fun being able to play soccer with my brothers and sister.  It was one of those times that is priceless.  

It was fun also going out with my girlfriends from High School.  Its always great to catch up on old times.  It was my friend, Amber's, birthday and so they made her sit on a saddle at Texas Roadhouse.  Its always so fun getting together when I go to Utah.  It always seems like the old days whenever we get together.

We rode the tracks up to Salt Lake City to the Temple.  I haven't done this since the Olympics were there.  A little bit has changed since then. 

The classic Salt Lake Temple picture taking place.

Whitney absolutely loves the water right now.  She'd be happy if I kept her in the tub or sink all day long.  That would cost a lot for water though.  I let her do these kind of things here and there which makes her so happy.  

The kids loved swinging on the swing up at our cabin.  It was so cute to see them push each other all the time.

Of course we did our regular hike up to Stewart Falls.  We were all crazy and went under the falls getting completely drenched.  It was so much fun though.

This was my first time seeing my nephew, Landon.  So stinking cute, oh my gosh. Brought me back to the days with only Jackson as a tiny little baby.  So sweet!  Kyle and his little boy.

Megan loved playing with her cousins, especially Karli.  Megan bonds to any little girl her age very quick.

Crazy Megan!

It was so much fun playing ladder ball and other games outside of the cabin.  I absolutely love being up at our cabin where its relaxing and fun to be with everyone.

The kids all played so well together.

Love the Falls!!!  All of us soaked below.

Whitney was so good for my sister.  It was amazing!  She has a hard time with anyone, but Dave and I.

It was a complete surprise to see our other family.  The kids loved seeing their other cousins right before we were flying back home to Indiana.

So, when we got back from a red eye flight at 9 in the morning we had the unexpected happen.  A huge storm came through Louisville, KY and  knocked off the roof of the Crown Plaza Hotel where our suburban was parked and so it all fell onto the south parking lot and damaged a bunch of cars.  Our suburban was one of them.  Ours didn't get as bad of damage as these other cars pictured, but it did enough damage to total it. It made a whole in the front in the engine, so it would have cost more to fix it than just getting another one.  What a surprise to come home to this after we were tired and just wanting to get home.  But, the hotel took care of us and sent us to a dang nice hotel in downtown Louisville and we decided to stay there over night and enjoy it there for a day.  So, we also went to the Louisville Slugger Museum where they give you a tour of how they make their famous bats.  It was really neat to see.

So, as you can see our suburban didn't get the worst, but it still totaled the car.  We were insured though and they took care of it being weather related without problems thank goodness.  And, now we have another suburban that is the same exact, but different color.  I do miss my old suburban, but happy we got another just like it.  It all worked out in the end.  Not fun to deal with though that's for sure.  Frustrating when you go through these hardships.

Big Bat!

This trip had a lot of craziness going out missing our connecting flight and coming back to a totaled suburban, but we had a great time and are thankful for our family letting us come to visit.  We had a wonderful trip.  Thanks you guys!


Elise said...

What a fun time seeing your family. Crazy about your suburban!!

California Dreamin said...

Oct. 12 Amber & Dave, Fun to see the cabin pictures and your Salt Lake Temple ones. We loved having you guys here. The kids all played so good and we had so much fun visiting and playing games. Family pictures turned out awesome. Your family is darling. Tyler or Alisha can burn you a CD of pictures. Love you all. Mom Shelley