Monday, September 17, 2007


Well, we had a very busy and fun summer in Columbus, Indiana. We really enjoyed all the friends we made out there, the internship David was able to receive out there, and the fun trips we were able to take out there back east. BUT, we were very excited to come back to Utah to finish up school and be back in COUGAR TOWN! We couldn't wait to be FULLY INVESTED (as Coach Mendenhall would say) in the cougar united group we are in as a family. It's really fun, we got these cool looking shirts we have on, a sweatshirt and all different cool stuff. We are so lucky to attend the football games so close as you can see. We figured we might as well enjoy it since it's our last semester here at BYU (yay!!! in ways, we will miss it though) It was so much fun being on the 5th row down and center. We had so much fun in the crowd cheering the team on.

Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra.......GO COUGARS!!!

It was such a hot day. I'm glad we had a hat for Jackson. Although David and I didn't think enough to bring our own. Darn, we were putting sunscreen on at least every half hour to make sure we didn't get burned. That's not fun! Been there done that and don't want to anytime soon. My family would know all the horrible sunburns I have gone through.

Jackson was so cute, we just had to get him a BYU shirt. We couldn't resist. He looked so cute in it. He is so much fun and very busy. He's talking all the time making the fishy face, and doing all different animal sounds. We have a blast with him. Such a big boy now. He just loves fishes and dogs now. He explodes out of my arms anytime we're out and he hears a dog bark. We have to keep our eye on him every minute.


Tyler, Kristi, & Alexa said...

you guys look so cute in your cougar gear. We love that you guys have so much fun going to the games together & watching the games together. We also love that you are back in Utah for a little while. It wasn't the same without you here.

Chatham's said...

Hi Amber, It looks like you guys have been busy. I am an old high school friend of David's. I met you at your wedding reception, but I'm sure you met a ton of people that night :) I can't get over how much Jackson looks like David. Don't you love it? My little boy looks just like my husband and I am so proud! If you guys come down to California soon, we should get together.