Friday, September 28, 2007


Jackson just loves the park. We're very lucky where we live, being that we live right across the street from a park. Anytime we go outside he see's the park begging us to let him go over and play. I'm not quite sure what kind of faces he was pulling in these pictures. They were those quick take pictures, and they just happened to be cute and funny face poses.

Jackson loves going across the bridge at the park. The first time he did it it scared me to death. It just took me totally by surprise. He likes to be very independent, so he doesn't like me to hold his hand going across. He's getting better at letting me now though. It would just frighten me that he was going to fall right off cause he runs pretty fast across it. As you can see though he holds on to the bars going across sometimes.

Jacksons pretty good at being careful while he's playing on the playground. As you can see he is holding onto the bars while going up the steps.


Tyler, Kristi, & Alexa said...

What a little cutie Jackson is! I love how kids can just PLAY and explore while they are at the park. He is pulling the cutest faces!

Tyler, Kristi, & Alexa said...

Alexa is looking at the pictures right now with me...she wants to play with him at the park...let's make is a play date!

Jewels Rules said...

um hi he's cute time ten.. How are you??

The Dahle's said...

ok am it has been over a month since u posted it is time for you to put some new pics on here!