Friday, September 28, 2007

Up at the cabin for grandmas birthday

We had so much fun going up to my grandparents cabin up at Sundance for my moms birthday. She loves to always spend her birthday up there. And, I don't blame her. The leaves have started to change colors which just make it so pretty up there. We had a lot a fun playing games, hanging out, etc. up there. It was a little cold so we didn't get to go outside as much as we usually like to up there but we enjoyed it.

Jackson just loves any ball he can get his hands on. He loved playing with his little cousins Alexa and Nathan. Whenever they get together they just play and run after each other. It's so fun to watch how they just get along so well.

It was so funny, Jackson and Alexa would play together, but Nathan just loves to be a part of it all which is great. Nathan will just sit like he is here and will just crack up laughing at both of them, making noise like crazy. What cute kids they are. We're so lucky to have them. They make things so much fun and entertaining. Never a dull moment with all of them together, that's for sure.


Tyler, Kristi, & Alexa said...

That was fun! Those are some cute pictures you took. I love the cabin...I wish we could go for another weekend.

love ya