Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Day

We had such a fun Christmas this year. We spent it at my parents house in Spanish Fork, Utah. We actually moved to my parents house for a few weeks after moving out of our house in Provo. We had so much fun being able to spend time with the Shelley side during the holidays.

Jackson just loved eating popcorn out of our Christmas popcorn tin. We usually get one for Christmas every year.

I wasn't quite sure what Jackson was doing here. But I thought it was a funny picture. He also loved putting these beads around his neck and then would take them off. He'd do it constantly. It kept him busy for a while. He does such funny things sometimes.

Jackson modeling with his beads.

Jackson had so much fun playing with his cousin Alexa and Nathan on Christmas. They had so much fun with their Christmas toys.

We got Jackson some fun toys like the Little People City, an Elmo sleeping bag (Jackson just loves Elmo) and some Elmo movies, lots of clothes, a teepie, and lots of other fun toys. We also got lots of fun gifts from Jacksons grandparents on both sides. Thanks so much!
We are sure blessed to have such great family that helps us through everything and makes us who we are.